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Our objective is to create a variety of fun and exciting activities where the day passes without measure and your child wait to come back and learn about life outside in the real world.

  Fishing was the most popular activity we do all summer. The kids begged for more time at the lake. I planned for one to two mornings of fishing, but every week we fished three mornings. Many of the campers had never been fishing or only a few times.Most weeks averaged thirty to forty fish, but one week with a large group we caught over 100 fish.We caught brim, bass, crappie, catfish and a few turtles. 

Archery gives campers a chance to learn and test their skills with a bow

and arrow. Beginners quickly pick up and enjoy hitting the targets and veteran archers can move the targets to challenge themselves. 

Hiking is the main mode of transportation around the farm. We average two to three miles a day with the longest hike to the back property. Last summer with all the rain we had many puddles so splash though as we ventured through the hardwood forest or the long pasture trails. We usually stopped by the little river creek to cool off which the campers always enjoyed

Panning for gold, splashing around, and making mud pies.

We have seen a variety of native species of animals around the farm. Frogs, turtles, turkeys, deer, all types of birds, baby opossums, butterflies, raccoon... tracks, and more

Sports: "Chukkar" Soccer with a 40 inch diameter soccer ball no out of bounds so you can score from both sides of othe goal.

"COOL" kickball with large baby pools filled with water for base

Tennis Baseball, four square and more


Watercolor - Oil Pastel - Color Pencil - Drawing - Acrylic Paint and more

Each week has a medium focus and all camps artists will have access to colored pencils, oil pastels, pencils, charcoal, and other basic art supplies.  

Art projects are based on grade level and general ability of the group. Techniques and elements in will be covered based The subject matter of the art will be direct observations of the farm.  

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