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2024 Summer Camp Registration  



3-7th   M-F   8:30-3:30 

 10-14th M-F   8:30-3:30 

 17-21st M-F   8:30-3:30 

  24-28th M-F   8:30-3:30 

24-28 full wait-list only


8-12th M-F   8:30-3:30 

 15-19th M-F   8:30-3:30


I will not know until at least mid April if we will have access to the lake for fishing this year. I know many of our campers like fishing so I wanted to be upfront that fishing might not happen. I have wanted to add some elements to the camp and this is a great time to do so. I am adding a Friday field day and make two teams and compete in some traditional and unique to Chukkar games, competitions, and races. We would tie-dye team shirts and decorate them for Friday throughout the week. Teams could practice their events throughout the week and I want to add a performing arts element to the field day. I am adding a carpentry project of building a birdhouse, yes with hammers and nails. I hope these additions will be exciting and all the other favorites are still happening, like cool kickball and 4-square. I will be bringing an old favorite back, giant ball soccer. If fishing becomes available, we will still do all the new elements but no fishing on Fridays.  


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375.00 per week 

-25.00 for siblings, -25.00 for 2-5th weeks of camp



6-14 years old

Campers will happily spend the day participating in a variety of sports, art, hiking, fishing, team building, and more on a farm.

 Activities Abound Summer Camp has fun and exciting activities in a unique country farm environment.

Campers will have plenty of daily exercise with hiking, exploration, and team sports. Campers will have daily art classes. Laced throughout the camp, a social component of respect, team building, and a commitment to environmental conservation.

Location: Chukkar Farm

Address: 1140 Liberty Grove Road Alpharetta, GA. 30004


Director: Joel Mooney

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